What’s The Hold-Up??

God and I were having a little chitchat about why I hadn’t done or even attempted to do the majority of the things He’s placed on my heart.  I gave Him my favorite excuse: “Well, I’m not sure of what’s going to happen and that scares me. Plus what I’m doing now is not too shabby.”

Of course you don’t know what’s going to happen. Only I know the future.

“Yes!  Yes! See, that’s it!  You already know I have a fear of the unknown.”  I sometimes imagine that God sighs and rolls His eyes at all of my tired excuses.  But since I’d been using that one for years, I figured it was a legit excuse and I’d be comforted with “Yes, my child – I understand.  Stay right there”. But instead I got:

“It’s not a fear of the unknown that’s holding you up.  It’s what you DO know that has you at a standstill.”

What?!  I’ve got to think about this! What I DO know?  Huh?  Let me see…if the future is what I DON’T know, then what I DO know has to be what’s already happened…MY PAST!!  I’m being held-up by my past?!  Still?? Are you kidding me?

Apostle Paul said in Philippians 3:13, “forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before…” Now, before you google the little thingamabob Agent J used to erase memories in Men In Black, Paul isn’t talking about everything in your past.  It’s the things that hinder forward progress – let them G-O.  Anything that adds value to you should be kept and filed under “experience”.

That “knowledge is power” saying is no joke.  Who knew that what you know not only has the power to launch you to heights unheard of, but the potential power to keep you grounded?  I didn’t.  Well, I did, I just didn’t think it had that kind of power when it came to me.  Because I’m Deone.  Hmph.  Imagine my surprise once I did a little self-inventory.  I discovered some things in my past that had me either at a standstill or snailing (it’s a word) along, not operating at full throttle.  And I’m not just talking about failures, disappointments, and heartaches – some good stuff, too.  Yes: a glorious moment from the olden days can keep you just as stagnant as something bad – especially if you cannot move past it.

Well, I guess I can’t use that excuse anymore.  Now I know (and knowing is half the battle…G.I. JOE!) so it’s time to apply what I’ve learned.  Knowledge IS power…time to have power over that knowledge.

Growing in grace…

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