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Any Way You Bless Me

I know people who have smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol for years, and God answered their prayers for cessation instantly. Like, poof!  I also know people who have prayed for the same thing and God walked with them through the tough process for months.

God still answered the prayer.

There are “different strokes for different folks”, people. How God answers a prayer for you will most likely be different from how He answers that same prayer for someone else.  That’s how I’ve seen Him work for me and that is more than fine.   I’m glad He answers prayers with solutions tailor-made to fit us personally.  Maybe I can’t “walk it out” like you and need a “Bam!  There you go.” instant solution.  Only God knows what I can handle.   All that matters to me, truthfully, is that the prayer is answered.   There’s no need to play the comparison game.  And I’m not going to let anyone’s assessment of the situation – you know there are some “was it really God” experts out there – cause me to doubt what I know He did.

Don’t question God’s handiwork in your life just because the way He came through for you is not the way He did for someone else.

“Why didn’t You do it THAT way, God?” 

Maybe He felt like being a little more creative with yours.

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