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Yesterday, someone tweeted: “Some of you have wondered what you would’ve done during slavery, the Holocaust, or the Civil Rights Movement.  You’re doing it now.”

What did I do yesterday?  I watched Madea movies with my kiddos.

While the world was on edge and stressed as it watched the horrible events unfolding in VA, my children and I were relaxed and laughing as we watched scene after scene of ridiculousness and hilarity. (Why do they sing so much??)

While people were spewing hateful words at one another, we were talking about each other’s toes, hair and clothes until laughter-induced tears ran down our faces.  My eyes are puffy this morning.  It is so not cute.

While crowds of people were getting ran over, hit with signs, and spit on, I was playfully begging my long-limbed offspring (20, 19 and 14) to “get off me” as we crowded onto my bed.  (There is a whole family room with leather sectionals and a big TV downstairs, but they wanted to be in my bedroom.  Go figure.)

What did I do yesterday?  I loved.

Hate and racism is waiting for my children when they walk out of the house today.  Well, every day.  But inside these walls?  Nuthin’ but love.  Fighting hatred is hard, but it is easier when you know love.  Think of the old war movies.  You could always tell which soldier had a girl waiting on him back home.   He was confident (and fiiiiiiine) and the one most willing to go to war against the enemy.  Why?  Because he believed he had something worth fighting for.

Aww man!   I have that song from “Mulan” stuck in my head now.  I’ll be singing it for the rest of the day.  Ugh.

I know that my children walk out into a war zone every time they leave the house.  I know this by experience.   They need a reason to stand strong and I give them one every chance I get.   Love.   Hate may be the norm for some outside of these walls, but in my house, it’s love.  That’s our norm.  And I can’t think of a better day than yesterday to reaffirm that.

What did I do yesterday?  I prepared my children for the fight they’ll face today.


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