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Perfect People

I love printed tees.

No, really.  If you look in my closets, you will find the top shelves lined with stacks and stacks of printed tees in almost every color.  The sayings vary from the super corny, to inspirational and overtly sarcastic.  I think I’ve even collected a few related to fitness.  I don’t know how those got in there…must’ve been freebies.

Printed tees are a fun way to reveal your personality without saying a word – they make great first impressions.  Don’t believe me? (I know you do.  JUST LET ME MAKE MY ILLUSTRATION!)  Okay, let’s say someone is walking towards you and you notice that they have a large C with a baby bear on their shirt.  You’d think, “Ah.  That person is a Chicago Cubs fan.”  That would most likely be the case unless they were a St. Louis Cardinals fan who lost a bet.  If you don’t know a thing about baseball, you’ll probably think, “Yes, wise stranger, ‘cub’ does begin with the letter ‘C’.”  Speaking of those little birdies, what if you saw someone wearing a t-shirt that had a dead cardinal on it?  Well, if you were from Illinois, you might think, “Ah.  That person is a Cubs fan.”  You’re probably right.  Or not.  That person could be a fan of the Brewers or Pirates or Reds. Or they could be wearing a shirt whose sole purpose is to let everyone know that “cub” begins with the letter “C”.

I know, different shirt, but I didn’t have a snappy comeback for the dead bird one.

There’s a saying going around, we’ve all heard it, that you only get one chance to make a first impression.  That’s cool, but then again it can really bite…especially if that first impression is wrong.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to revisit a series I taught last year on Hebrews 11.  If you come from a traditional church community, you may have heard this chapter referred to as “The Hall of Faith”.  This book is chock-full of account after account of great men and women who did great acts of faith.  It is inspiring and intimidating at the same time.  On one hand, you read about the things people like Abraham, Noah, and Moses did and think, “Man!  If they could do that, I can do that too!”  On the other hand, you read about the things they and others accomplished and think, “Man.  Look at how awesome and great…and perfect they were.  I don’t even compare.  I can’t do that.”

It all depends on how you look at it.

If you hang with me for a while, we’ll dig into the deets behind a few of the characters from Hebrews 11.  I said that these were great men and women who did great acts of faith.  Well, that’s the impression I got when I first read this years ago.  That is wrong.  They are not great and men and women who did great acts of faith: they are men and women who had great faith and acted upon it.  Just real people. Messy people.  Really messy people.  No angels in this bunch.  See, you can’t always go with the first impression.

Join me for a bible study series entitled “Faith & Messy Humans” and together we’ll discover how walking in faith has nothing to do with how great you are.

Let’s dig in.

P.S. I added Peter.  BECAUSE I CAN.

Here’s a sneak peek:

“Let’s talk about Peter.  He’s not even mentioned in Hebrews 11 – I just threw him in because, well, I’m the teacher.  So, there.  You wanna talk about a “ride or die”??  This was the guy!  I want him on my team! He walked and talked with Jesus, cut folks for Jesus, said he would die for Jesus.  That’s love, bruh.  But when he was backed into a corner, he failed Jesus in a major way.  I can relate to this. Can you?  He may have failed big time…”

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