The Real World

“This is “The Real World”…where people stop being polite, and start being real.”  Who remembers that?  Good grief.  I’m aging myself.

Take me as I am…

One of the biggest signs of change/maturity is owning who we are and realizing that it is enough.  No fronts, no filters, no clever speech needed – just you and all your imperfections. We don’t want people to see those, though.  Nuh  uh.  We want people to see the polite “us”, the I-got-it-all-together “us”.  Some of us go so far out of our way to beautify our lives and our decisions that we start to actually believe the fluff too.  Think about when Jacob tried to buy his brother’s acceptance (and forgiveness) in Genesis 33.  [Side note: did you know forgiveness and acceptance go hand-in-hand?  That’s a whole ‘nother blog post, y’all.]  Acceptance that has to be “bought” ain’t worth having.   

I said “ain’t”.

The biggest step in becoming who God created you to be is accepting who you are now.  No fluff.  No filter.  No fancy-schmancy presentation.  No veils.  It may not be cute, but it will be worth it.

“Take me as I am”?  Okay.  You first.


(Let me add this for those who will be itching to say “This is not my truth.  I will not own the state I’m in”.  Don’t.  But be aware that your truth may not be in-line with God’s truth concerning you.  Being honest about how you really see yourself will let you know if it is.  Rest assured, He who created you is well aware of who you are right now.  You are not foolin’ Him.  To get to where He wants you to be, you gotta be able to say “Okay, this is my starting point.”   Let Him minister to THAT person so you can become THE person you are meant to be.)

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