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“He’s birthing an anointing.  He’s birthing an anointing.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.” – from “Something New” by The Clark Sisters

I woke up with this song. This usually comes to me whenever I’m particularly stressed about having a lot on my plate or being asked to do something while I’m “can’t you see I’m already” doing something.   It is always that one line on repeat: “He’s birthing an anointing.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  He’s birthing an anointing.”

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

It’s one thing to be pregnant.  It’s a whole ‘nother UGH when you’re pregnant and caring for an infant at the same time.  Alex and Shae are 12 months apart.  That was the Great Tribulation of ’97.  Do you know that Alex didn’t walk until the day after I had Shae?  I almost jumped out of the hospital bed when her cousin came in with her proclaiming, “Look who’s walking!”  Whaaat??!  You rode me for 9…oooohhh!!!  I don’t know why no one has made a documentary about my sufferings.   What’s the number to PBS?

Multitasking must be a spiritual gift.  It has to be.  The way I see it, if you can juggle several things at once without snapping people’s heads off – that’s God.

Here’s the deal: that’s how I feel right now.  As I’m just now getting my bearings on one thing, I’m feeling the movement (and possibly indigestion) from another thing I guess I’m being prepared for.  Y’all get my drift?   Here’s what I learned during GT97: I was built for it.  Now, there was nothing cute about not being able to put Alex on my hip because her legs couldn’t stretch across my belly or having to sit down to pick her up because I couldn’t see past my belly when I bent over.  It was hard and there were plenty of nights where both Alex and I were crying, but I did it and now I have two of the most amazing and beautiful women for daughters.  I was supposed to be Alex and Shae’s mama – I was built for it.  Everything I needed to care for a 4-month-old baby while being pregnant with another was there.

This is the place I am now.  I’m nurturing something new and God’s working something else new in my life.   I’m built for this.  And you are built for “this”.  If you’re believing this is the “year of  <insert your thing>”, get ready.  Some of your talents, gifts, and abilities are about to be engaged at the same time.  You may think, “One thing at a time, sweet Jesus!  That’s all I’m asking of You!”  If God’s giving it to you, He knows you can handle it.

This is not a “say yes to everything” post.  Not even close.  Use wisdom.  This is just my encouragement to you as you see the hand of God moving in your life.  Get ready.  It may hurt.  It may be a lot.  It may be a lot all at once.  It may even take some ninja maneuvering to make it happen.  No one said “birthin’” was easy…but you’re built for it.

Yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah.

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