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Habit Breaking

Good morning, peeps!

One fun aspect of my job role is teaching new hires how to assemble. Along with skills, I teach safe work habits. Being on top of your skill game is nice, but never put yourself in harm’s way. Of all the injuries that occur, it’s the hands that get tore up the most. I tell the trainees to pay attention and always be aware of their environment: LOF = Line of Fire. Even the most experienced assembler can forget this. They get so used to a routine that they will stiiiiiiick to it even if it puts them in harm’s way.  I’ve been cussed out a few times and even told to go somewhere that was not near heaven (that’s exactly how they said it) when I’ve tried to warn people that they were putting themselves in danger.  Old habits die hard.

“What’s a little bitty bruise or smashed knuckles? I’ll be aiight – it’ll heal.” Yeah, you can still use your hand, but consider how the quality of your life is affected now: your hand hurts every time you stretch your fingers, you can’t make a fist without feeling pain…your grip ain’t the same.

Let me tell you something: God is breaking habits and routines. As I was scrolling through my FB newsfeed like I do every morning – this was after I’d just been in prayer thanking God for my fam, friends, a mind to pray, etc – I found myself thinking “Wow. Their life is nice.” Sigh. My spirit was deflated that quick. [This is not bait: I don’t want any “Girl! What?? Youz the bomb!” messages. I’m good.] When I logged off, this is what was impressed upon my heart: do you want their life or the life I made for you? Gut AND throat checked. What in da world…? See how easy it was for me to get off course? And I can tell you how it happened, too: my experienced, been-runnin-for-Jesus-a-long-time, “I got up, read and prayed so I’m straight” self didn’t pay attention to my environment (FB) and busted my knuckles right up against a steel block of comparison. My “grip” is suspect right now.

You have a real enemy. He’s watched you for years. He knows what will knock the wind out your joy-sail. He’s got your habits and your routines clocked to the nanosecond and he’ll be hanging out there, waiting for you to show up. You need to stay alert.  Switch it up on him. Have a great day!



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