Daily Devotional, Spiritual Walk

Arrgh! The Sacrifice!

Good morning, peeps!

Every morning, my alarm goes off at 3:30. I don’t need to be at work until 6. This is not because I need to primp in the mirror for 2 hours before I head out the door: I do it to meet God in prayer so I can receive whatever word He has for us. This is the sacrifice that He has required of me for this part of my ministry. I wish I could say that God speaks right away, but often He doesn’t. He makes me wait. It’s always a struggle because what I really want to do is go back to sleep. Surely God can speak to me at, let’s say, 4:30. My body is like “Come on with it! You know what time my alarm goes off. You told me to set it at 3:30, so the least You can do is be on time. I’m tired.”


I push through because what I want is worth the sacrifice. Think about Abram and the sacrifice he made to the Lord. Not the Isaac-one, but the one mentioned in Genesis 15. This is where he asks God about having an heir, which God promises will happen along with some extra stuff. Yeah buddy! Ain’t nothin’ like getting blessings you didn’t even ask for. Bonus! Afterwards, Abram asks how he will know that he shall inherit it (I’m not the first person to ask for a confirmation, so there) and God tells him to offer a sacrifice. So he did and all day, Abram had to fight off the fowls of the air – birds. Look, they did not care if that was a sacrifice to God – they wanted to rip into it! I probably would have said “Do you want to join the rest of these carcasses?? Then I suggest you move on!”

I’m not even going to ask because I already know: God’s been asking y’all to make some sacrifices. And you’ve been looking for immediate answers, but they haven’t come. It is SO tempting to walk away saying, “Well, I tried”. And it seems like everything is coming for your sacrifice. Who’s challenged the sacrifice you’ve made to God? Who’s told you it doesn’t take all that or “God will understand if you can’t do what He’s asked”? Don’t walk away from the sacrifice. Stay there and fight off the “fowls of the air” to protect it. You know Scripture calls the enemy the “prince of the air”…coincidence? I think not.

Stand and fight and I promise, it will be worth it. Have a great day.

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