Daily Devotional, Spiritual Walk


Good morning, peeps!

The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.” Exodus 14:14 KJV

I slept in a strange bed last night.  (Got your attention, didn’t I?)  It was mine, but it felt different.  Last night was the first night in my life that I laid down in peace.  Every night since I was 5, I’ve gone to bed in fear: of more molestation, of the Boogie Man (I can’t believe I typed that as a proper name, geez), of seeing demons, of losing everything, of something happening to my family, of never finding love, etc.  Not last night though.  Yesterday was rough and before I laid down, I said “Enough. I’m having peace tonight.  Holy Spirit, YOU take it.”

Ooooh. Just sweetness all night.  

When I opened my eyes, the song “Surrounded” played in my head. “This is how I fight my battles…” was on repeat.  I thought, “I wonder what the ‘this’ is.”  Before I could I get up, I heard in my spirit “’Yield’ is the ‘this’. You don’t (fight).  I do.  Give the battle to Me.”.  Bet!  I was feeling pretty light on my feet as I walked into the kitchen and then BAM: every weight from yesterday was there to greet me.  “Surprise!  We made you breakfast!  You want your eggs scrambled or hard?”  It felt like someone had placed two cement blocks on my chest.  I felt so heavy.  My shoulders drooped and then I heard, “This is how I fight my battles…”  


I stopped right there at the doorway and said, “Enough.  I’ve having peace today.  Holy Spirit, YOU take it.”  Weight gone.

The battle is not ours – it’s the Lord’s.  I know you’ve heard that before, but if you’ve never believed it, believe it today.  God is not going to pry the fight from your hands – He’ll wait until you hand it over.  And when you do, He’ll not only fight it for you, but He’ll give you peace, too.  Have a great day.


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