Daily Devotional, Spiritual Walk

Can You Hear Me Now?

Good morning, peeps!

(When I say “we” or “us”, I mean “mankind”. Okay, now you may read.)

You ever read these devotionals and wonder if sometimes God’s like “What else I gotta do before Deone finally ‘gets it’?? I mean, I’ve said it about 700 times!” Think back on the number of times I’ve talked about yielding, waiting, and trusting God. Has it been every week? And for some reason (it’s me), He has to repeat the same message because I still don’t “get it”. Trust me – if I did, I wouldn’t keep doing the things that break His heart. I tell trainees on the first day of class, “Look.  I don’t mind repeating myself. If you finally ‘get it’ on the 49th time I say it, then it was worth the previous 48.”

Aren’t you glad that God is willing to go even farther than that?

Ever since the Fall of Man, God has been repeating the same message: “I love you. I’m all you need. Return to Me.” He keeps calling us back into a monogamous relationship with Him and we keep running off like we have better things to do.  We still don’t “get it”. Just look at the Old Testament. All throughout that mugg, you see occurrence after occurrence of God showing His love for Man, Himself as the ultimate provision, and I’ve lost count of the number of times He’s rescued folks out of mess. I would’ve thrown up my hands a long time ago and said “Oh well. I tried.” THANK GOD, He didn’t.

Over two thousand years ago, God made the biggest and loudest statement ever (it was bigger than the billboard I’m gonna buy whenever I get engaged): He sent His Son. We didn’t “get it”. Jesus healed folks, raised the dead, cast out devils, fed thousands (yes, these are lyrics to a song and it’s true) in his 3.5-year ministry.  We didn’t “get it”.  Religious leaders knew prophesy was fulfilled when Jesus was crucified and buried. Nope. We didn’t “get it”.  He was resurrected AND walked around town for 40 days. People saw Him!!  We didn’t “get it” and thousands of years later, we still don’t.

To this day, God is still repeating Himself: “I love you. I’m all you need. Return to Me.” As we prepare to celebrate the life of Jesus this weekend, I pray that we finally “get it”.  Have a great weekend.


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