Daily Devotional, Spiritual Walk

Protective Custody

Good morning, peeps!

“And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do…” John 14:13 KJV

Last night, I realized something: I no longer pray over my day when I wake up.  Nope.  I pray for a message for us and after that, I’m done.  Now, I take special care to make sure the words I say to you are covered by the Blood, but I neglect the rest of my life.  So this morning, I flipped the script: I first prayed over my day and everyone in it (y’all too), and then I prayed for a message.  The words to “Shout Your Name” by Jon Thurlow came to me: “no one wants to make things right more than you ~ have your way Lord do what you want to do ~ anything can happen when you move ~ so would you come and move here…shout your name, shout your name over us”, as God gave me a 2-for-1 lesson for today.

One, He is just as concerned about what happens in my day and the things that matter to me as He is about ministering through me.  Two, I need to cover every part of my life in Jesus’ Name.  Put it in protective custody.  His Kingdom agenda includes me thriving in all that He created me for, and guess what?  It’s for more than just giving people godly encouragement to start their day.  No one wants things to go right for me more than God, but it’s going to take His power to do it.  That only comes through Jesus’ Name. Amazingly powerful things happen when you use that name.

Crazy and chaotic stuff happens when I use mine.

My name has the power of navel fuzz and a small ball at that.  You might be able to take my name to the bank and get approved for a couple of bucks, but that’s about it.  Influence, meh, but no power.  No one is getting healed in my name, delivered in my name and I’m pretty sure that any situation will go from bad to worse if you try to declare my name over it.  So, if you are wondering if God is concerned about your life, He is.  Cover every inch of it in Jesus’ Name.  If you think that’s a lot to tackle this morning, then just start with today’s stuff and see what happens.   Have a great day.


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