Daily Devotional, Spiritual Walk

100% Blockage

Good morning, peeps!

This is yet another devotional on yielding.  I guess I could just call this the “Deone Is So Hardheaded, But You Love Her Anyway” devotional series, and as soon as I do, it will probably be the last entry.  Who am I kidding? No, it won’t.  So this morning as I prayed over my day, I said, “God, I give ______ to You because I know that ain’t nothin’ gonna happen until I do.”

Grammarly would be going nuts right now – that sentence was all jacked up.

The image that immediately came to mind was that of the little boy handing over his two fish and five loaves of bread to the disciples of Jesus before the miracle of feeding 5,000 occurred.  Like, that’s the picture I saw: not one of Jesus praying over the food or breaking the food, but of the little boy actually placing his lunch into the hands of a disciple.  I just have to give you this one piece of info before I continue.  The 5,000?  That was just the number of men.  Those were the only ones who mattered enough to be counted back then, but know that women and children were there listening to Jesus, too.  Um, little boy with the fish Snackable?  Hello?  Now back to what I was saying.  If the little boy hadn’t handed over his lunch, the miracle wouldn’t have happened.  Did. Y’all. Just. Catch. That? IF THE LIT-TLE (hyphenated for emphasis) BOY HADN’T HANDED OVER HIS LUNCH, THE MIRACLE WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED.  And 5,000 people, plus the ones who weren’t worth counting – women and children – would have gone hungry.

We scream, “God, please provide!” and yet we hold tight onto the very resources or habits we need to hand over to Him in order for the miraculous provision to happen.  We pray, “God, please heal this relationship!”, and yet we keep a pit bull grip on grudges, unforgiveness, anger, and resentment that we need to hand over to Him for the miracle of reconciliation to happen. Y’all know there are relationships that even a ram sporting a damp fleece in the middle of a burning bush won’t fix.  You need a mi-ra-cle.  (Again, hyphenated for emphasis.)  We pray, “God, move in this situation!” and yet we refuse to hand over the control we need to relinquish in order for Him to move.  We have God in a box!

Are y’all picking up what I’m putting down??  Oh my goodness!

I made a post yesterday on FB that said “There comes a time when you realize that the brick wall in your life is not going to move until YOU knock it down.”  What if you are the wall?  What if you are what’s holding up the very things you want God to do in your life?  Think about it.  Have a great day.


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