Holding Your Breath

(This is Part 5 of our “Breathe In – Breathe Out” devotional series.)

Good morning, peeps!

Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers; But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot…” – 1 Peter 1:18-19 KJV

I don’t know if this really is a devotional, but it’s what came to me as I was typing what I intended to post.  You know how God likes to interrupt my plans.  It was like “That’s good, D.  Put a pin in that and we’ll revisit it tomorrow.  Say this now.”

Stop holding your breath.

Have you noticed that people usually don’t know that they’ve been struggling for air until they stop moving?  Watch someone next time when they plop down in a chair after flitting around a room for 15 minutes.  They’re breathing hard, aren’t they?  Do you know why?  When you move, you involuntarily hold your breath.

I think I have been holding my breath for the last three weeks.  I’ve been just going and going and I didn’t notice it until last night when I finally sat still long enough to breathe. I took a breather.  Ha!  I’ve been wanting to say that this entire series!  Every other Monday, a group of us sexy, sassy, God-loving women get together over dinner.  And we exhale.  I’ve missed so many because I have been busy, but I pushed my schedule aside and was there last night.  (I’ll make it up today.)  We talked about Jen Hatmaker’s “Of Mess And Moxie” and what we took away from the chapters we were slated to read.  I am so far behind, but they didn’t care.  They were just happy to be around me and the feeling was mutual.  They got me up to speed, even reading a whole segment to me.  And we exhaled.  We laughed and talked about our families, our jobs, our girl issues, about our dreams and our nightmares.  And we exhaled.   And even though we normally rock it, we’re okay with being breathless messes at times.  We don’t have to put out every fire if we don’t wanna and right then, we didn’t wanna!  We were too busy exhaling.   A lot.  There was spittle.

Stuff like that happens when you stop holding your breath.

Having the wind knocked out of you is not the same thing as exhaling.  That’s interruption.  Life likes to do that to ya.  Often.  It will come along and punch you dead in the chest and the next thing you know you’re wheezing and straining to breathe, straining to survive, straining to live, and grabbing for everything on your way down.  Most times, no one will ever know because we “suck it up”, hold our breath and trudge through it.   We play the role of Mr/Ms “I Totally Got This” so well that we should win a Daytime Emmy award.  Stop it.  Let that air out.  Do a “woosah” or sumthin’ before you turn blue and find you some good ones you can breathe around…people who don’t mind a little spittle and will let you exhale all over them.  (Sorry, J.  You probably didn’t even notice.  That drop landed right next to your hand. My bad, girl.)  Have a great day.


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