Un-Chance Encounters

Good morning, peeps!

“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works…” – Hebrews 10:14 ESV

If you are unlike me, you wake up on Monday mornings anxious to see who God is going to bring across your path just so that they can get a glimpse of Jesus in you.  Most Mondays, I pray that no one from my new set of students gets on my nerves because then they might actually get to see Jesus and experience His grace in person sooner than they thought.

Mondays are my fun days.  Yay.

About two minutes ago, I noticed a scratch on my forearm.  I don’t know what my arm encountered in the few minutes I have been awake.  It is still tender and there’s dried blood so whatever I collided with was sharp enough to leave a mark.  That scar will be there forever.  That’s what is supposed to happen whenever we encounter people: not cause them to bleed, but we should leave a mark.  The song “When You Walk Into The Room” makes that clear like nothing else.

When we encounter people, their lives should be affected by the Christ in us.  So many times I avoid encounters because I don’t want to be bothered or well, I don’t want to be bothered.  I’ll just be honest.  And I usually send up a quick “Lord, you know my heart” prayer and keep on trudging.  It’s usually later when God replies, “I sure do and now you do, too.”  Sometimes, I think about those missed opportunities to make a mark.  Not always, though.  Man!  This honesty stuff is killing me this morning!  I tend to comfort myself with “Well, God.  I’m sure someone will come along who can make a mark in that person’s life.”  I don’t believe God left that person hanging, but what if God wanted the mark-maker to be me?

“Well, why does it have to be me?  Why don’t they just go to church?” 

Not everyone can sit through a church service, and it will have nothing to do with having an intolerance for God.  It could be all in the way He is being presented.  Think of carrots.  Some people won’t eat them raw, but will go to town on ’em if they are cooked.  Either way, carrots are being consumed.   There are people who are dying for an encounter with God and it’s going to be through you.  Some people need to experience “your touch of Jesus”.  Perhaps you have the right kind of soil (personality, past, testimony) that God can use to the produce the fruit which that one person will consume.   “Different strokes for different folks” ain’t a bad thing as long as God is the one holding the brush.

So this Monday, I am going to do something that is so unlike me: I am going to look forward to those encounters and pray that I leave a mark.  And who knows, maybe the encounter will leave a lasting scar on me as well.  Have a great day!


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