The Big Picture.

Good morning, peeps!

“Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, you are looking for me, not because you saw the signs I performed but because you ate the loaves and had your fill.” – John 6:26 NIV

This picture has completely captivated me.  Cortana, my Windows’ homegirl from way back, has picked this as the lock screen photo on my laptop for the past two days.  Look at the colors in it!  Aren’t they gorgeous?  Those are my happy colors: green, orange, pink, and yellow.  They just scream life and rainbow sherbet, which is my favorite cold thing to eat.  Besides cheese.  I swear I have the attention span of a gnat.  For about three minutes, I was transfixed by Webster-Merriam’s “The Scoop on Sherbert vs Sherbet – Words At Play” article.  I really don’t care how that word is spelled.  This picture, though.  This picture is so beautiful and I have been staring at it for the past two days. 

I just noticed the hummingbird this morning.

I woke up with one line from Passion’s “Build My Life” on repeat in my head: “Holy, there is no one like You ~ there is none beside You ~ open up my eyes in wonder…”.  I’ve told you plenty of times how this heart of mine has a mind of its own.  On the real, it can be downright rude when it wants to be heard.   It was screaming “open up my eyes in wonder” so loudly that I could barely pray this morning.  You ever tried to speak louder than someone with a microphone and an amp?  It doesn’t work.  You just close your mouth and wait for them to stop talking.  My heart has not stopped talking.  Open up my eyes in wonder…

I just noticed the hummingbird this morning.

My eyes are rarely open in wonder.  I squint.  For me, joy is in the details.  Right there is the wonder.  I can be so anal about life that I will even detail the details. You know the saying “I will break you down like a fraction”?  I’m worse than that.  I will pixelate things that were only meant to be taken in as a whole.  Like this picture.  Once I saw that flower, I was done for and I picked apart every single color in it – from the background to the stem.  I’ve been staring at this picture for two days and I just noticed the hummingbird.

That’s the way I am with God.

Sometimes I need to be reminded to step back and take it all in.  That’s what I got this morning when I thought, “Hmm.  There’s a hummingbird in that picture.  Never noticed that.”  God can be doing something magnificent in my life and because I’m just focused on one part of it, I will miss the whole thing.  I can exhaust the mir out of a miracle.  I told someone recently, “Don’t you let someone cause you to discount what God has done.”  Apparently, that statement was for me too.  Like for real, but I don’t need anyone else’s two cents on whether or not God is moving in my life: I have pennies jingling in my pocket at all times.   Do you think…  But God I don’t see how…  Well, maybe that happened because…  Maybe I didn’t really didn’t feel a lump ’cause the doctor said…  Perhaps I didn’t see what I thought I saw…  And it’s all because I don’t take it all in.

When we get stuck in the details, we miss out on the big picture.  When we get stuck in the details, we cannot fully see what God is doing for us and therefore, we won’t be able to acknowledge that He is moving for us.  Being that way, as my girl Ty said, can cause you to give up when what you’re praying for is just around the corner.  Thankfully, God is loving enough make us step back so that we can see the big picture.  And then ahhh!   Did you see the hummingbird and the flower?  Have a great day.


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