Daily Devotional, Spiritual Walk

The Incredibly Hulked.

(This is Part 6 of our devotional series “Fighting Dirty”.)

Good morning, peeps!

There has never been a day that I don’t want to talk with you.  Now, there are plenty of mornings that I want to throw my alarm clock across the room when it starts beeping at 3:30 and the only reason I don’t is because that would cause my table lamp to fall down (they are plugged into the same power strip), but I always want to talk with you.  I look forward to hearing what God has for us and sharing it on this blog.  I love it.  Well…not today.  Today was a struggle.   I did not want to blog, I did not want to blog, I did not want to blog!

Your girl doesn’t want to talk about fighting because she doesn’t feel like it.  I’ve been wounded.

Life is not always a tiny car full of clowns – just jam-packed with fun.  Life comes with a myriad of issues.  It just does.  And you don’t have to be a non-believer for it to be that way.  A lot of people in and out of the church are under the impression that people who serve God live lives of blissful peace.  Please.  I ask Jesus to deliver you from that lie right now.  Amen.  As I dragged myself towards my laptop, TobyMac’s “Til The Day I Die” began playing in my head.  I stopped dead in my tracks.

Don’t start.  Not right now.  I know that I loved that song a couple of weeks ago and I even wrote an entire blog using it, but right now it is getting on my last good nerve.  How about “til the day I feel like I’m dying”, God?  Yes?  No?  Okay. 

I love “I’ll go down fighting” movie scenes.  You know, the ones where the person has sustained a life-threatening wound, but they are still fighting.  I love those, especially when Bruce Willis does it.  I can watch him “die hard” all day long.  Blood is oozing out from in-between their fingers as they clasp the side where the bullet went in with one hand while using the other hand to carry ten people out of a burning building at once.  While wounded.  That is so cool.  I don’t want to do it, though.

Sometimes you have to.

As we fight this fight of faith, we won’t always be our best self – we’ll be our hurt self.  And you won’t get to call a ‘time out’ when you’ve taken a blow or be able to sit down and lick your wounds – you have to keep going because folks still need you.  Mamas know this all too well.  I’m not calling myself a hero, but there is a war going on and I have to fight in it even when I don’t feel like it – wounded or whole.  Somehow I have to shrug off my enemy and keep fighting.  It’s what heroes do and the term for it is “hulking up”.  Here is the thing that encouraged me this morning, and no, it was not a line from TobyMac’s stankin’ song: “my strength is made perfect in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9).  If you’re weakened from being wounded today and it feels like you’re bleeding out, be encouraged.  Keep going.  Keep fighting.  By God’s strength, keep fighting.  Have a great day.


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