Daily Devotional, Spiritual Walk

Pre-Press Instructions.

Good morning, peeps!

Have you ever squeezed a pimple and was disappointed because all that came out was water?  Did I just gross you out at 4 in the morning?  Why in the world would you ask that, Deone?  Um…’cause I’m Deone.  Duh.  I kinda figured that by now, you have come to expect the unexpected from me.  If you haven’t, you better get with it.  The image of a pimple-poppin’ let down came to me as I was thinking about a conversation I had yesterday with one of my favorites.  No, we weren’t talking about blackheads as we ate guacamole – we were talking about being pressed.  I told her that I really don’t know if I have any more oil to be pressed out at this point.  What else is in there, God?  God has squeezed me so much that I think all He’s getting right now is water.

Do you know how important water is?  Think about it the next time you reach for a glass of anything liquid.  It cleanses us.  It hydrates us.  It nourishes us: yes, even the water from our dirty city lake nourishes us.  It cools us.  It calms us.  It revives us.  It replenishes us.  Water is super important and that is what God impressed upon my heart as I sat down at my laptop this morning.

Even if you feel like the only thing that is coming out of you is dust, it is still important.

As you prepare your heart to receive what God has for you next week, I want you to examine the areas in your life where you feel the press of God.  If you can’t think of anything current, take a trip down memory lane.  Look back over some stuff that once you went through them, you were never the same.  That stuff.  And have them in mind as we go through this next series.  What I’m hearing in my heart is that there are things we have overlooked in the press.  Sometimes in our haste to get out of the fire – yes, God uses that to press us – we neglect to acknowledge what has actually happened.  We don’t always realize what God actually did – we’re just glad it’s over.  Thank God I made it!!!

When God presses, He goes deep. You never know what’ll come out once God gets-tuh pushing on ya.  Next week, I’m going deep.  I hope you do, too.  Have a great day.


(Oh: the song for today is “My Testimony” and “The Best In Me” by Marvin Sapp)

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