Daily Devotional, Spiritual Walk

And now…

Good morning, peeps!


The word for today is “forgiveness”.  This word has been haunting my dreams lately.  Ugh.  Every night, I am presented with a different scenario involving this one person and every morning when I wake up, God says “You need to forgive them.”  Ain’t.  I want to – I really do – I just don’t know how.  So this morning, God broke it down real easy for me so that I would finally get what happens when I don’t forgive.

I dreamed of a young lady I know who is on the verge of adulthood.  We were in a car on our way to ATL and she was driving.  Somewhere along the way, she got turned around – we were going in the wrong direction.  This is what I mean by “we were going in the wrong direction”.  I don’t mean we were supposed to be headed south and we were going north.  No.  I mean, we were driving north in the southbound lane.  We were going against traffic!  I’m riding shotgun and I’m asking her if she can see the cars coming towards us.  She quietly replied, “Yes.”  I looked upside her head and said “Yes??  What do you mean ‘yes’??!”  She said, “Yes, I can see them.”  Y’all, this girl was so calm, it was freaky.  I’m on my side of the car panicking because semi-trucks and cars are trying desperately to get out of our way as she continues to speed in the wrong direction.  I finally coached her over to the other side and onto the shoulder.  Y’all don’t want to know how I did that.  Everything about this dream was illegal.  Once there, I calmed her down and said, “Okay.  Now you can go.”  She sat there with a terrified look on her face, gripping the steering wheel.  She said, “I’m scared.  I don’t know how to go that way.” Now, I promise you, I was totally confused.  I said, “Okaaay.  Remember how you just went against the flow of the cars on that side?  You will now go with the flow of the cars on this side.”  She said, “Oh.  Okay.”

She turned the car and drove against the flow of traffic.

When you do not forgive, you go against the flow.  I told y’all, I’m a poet!!  You do.  That’s what God was telling me this morning.  My unforgiveness is really making life harder than it should be.  I am going against, well, life.  Even when God gets me turned around and I’m travelling the right direction down Forgiveness Hwy 1, I will stop, turn my own self back around, and go the wrong direction.  How? Well, I attach bad experiences to things that have nothing to do with those and I hold on to the bad things of my past, looking at my future through that dirty lens.  So instead of typing another blog for the devotional series, me and God went back through my life and I forgave.  Yeah, y’all…I forgave.  God brought to the surface stuff that I didn’t even know was still there.  And I forgave.

Try it.


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