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“This Ain’t About You” – God

Good morning, peeps.

“This ain’t about you”.

That was the response I got this morning as I complained about being constantly asked to pray over a certain individual. This person has not only showed up uninvited to my prayer time, but also shows up in my dreams. I asked God AGAIN – this has become a daily question – “Why do they keep showing up in my dreams??”

“This ain’t about you.”

You will find as you walk this thing out with Jesus, that people will be attracted to you. Like lint to black dress pants. The problem with that is, you will not be able to whip out your handy-dandy lint remover to get rid of them. Noooo. IF – y’all, whew – if there was something biblical I could grab to swipe these folks to the left, to the left – I would. I just wanna live my life. Geez.

“This ain’t about you.”

My biggest concern as we as a society try to live our best lives, is that we become too inwardly-focused. Ooooh. Who just cringed? ME! “Well, Deone, how else can you ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ if you don’t love yourself first?” You should love yourself first, but you shouldn’t love yourself only. Some of us are on the verge of selfishness.

Oh. It’s getting rough before I have my coffee. Maybe I should drink some. Perhaps we should actually look at the context of that scripture before we get it printed on a t-shirt.

“This ain’t about you.”

Tomorrow, we will start a new bible study and devotional series. I am trying something different, folks. I’ve done devotionals and I’ve done bible studies, but never a combo. Both will cover the same topic – the devotional will be lightweight and the bible study will be a little heavier. The devotional will pop up every morning as a daily reminder to apply what you’ve learned in the study, but the bible study will be in weekly installments. To give you a head’s up on the topic, it will flow with the thing I’ve been repeating in this blog as we study the first few chapters of the book of Daniel.

This ain’t about you. It’s about the mission. Let’s dig in.


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