Daily Devotional, Spiritual Walk

Indecent Exposure – #2

Due to my cray-cray work schedule, I am revisiting a series I did earlier this year titled “Breathe In – Breathe Out”.  I’m starting to think that my cray-cray work schedule is of God because I definitely needed to look at this stuff again.  I hope it has been blessing you as well.



(This is Part 2.5 of our devotional series “Breathe In – Breathe Out”.)

Good morning, peeps!

“As you get older, fat just sneaks up on you.  I could be walking down the street and see a cookie in a window and *POOF*!  I’ll gain weight!  I’m like, ‘God! Why??!   I just looked at the cookie!  I didn’t eat the cookie!” – Sinbad, comedian

My workplace has a lot of buildings and getting from one to another can be a hassle.  Maybe not so much of a hassle as an inconvenience.  Maybe not so much of an inconvenience as a “I just don’t feel like walking” type of situation.  If you can flag down a ride, you do it.  A few weeks ago, I did just that with a colleague who told me her first stop would be at the smoking area.  Fine, I’ll just wait in the truck.  I’ll be alright, right?  When I got to my desk, I was coughing and everything about me smelled of smoke. “But I didn’t even smoke, God!  I just around someone who did!”

You do know that you don’t have to do a thing to be affected by the thing, right?

Second hand smoke contains up to 6 times the amount of toxins as mainlined smoke and I thought about that as I tried to digest yesterday’s “there is no risk-free exposure” statement.  The truth of that didn’t hit me until later when I found myself getting angry just listening to someone talk about another person who was getting on their nerves.  I had internalized (inhaled) all of that and was ready to fight.  How ridiculous is that?  Proverbs 4:23 encourages us be mindful of what we expose ourselves to: “keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life…”.  Our conversations, the images we see all over can affect us. Their stink gets on us.  It’s not just about what you do – this inhaling thing is no joke.  Think about what you are allowing to enter your system – heart, mind and spirit.

You don’t even have to eat the cookie… 


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