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Big Girl Love.

Good morning, peeps!

Yes, this is a real-live, “she’s really blogging and not reposting” blog.  

I just had to do it.  Even though I probably should be, I am not typing this with one foot out the door.  I am fully present for this one because it’s important.  This is my letter to all of my big girls. Guys, feel free to glean what you need from this one.


To All Of My Big Girls,

I see you.  I see you when you fight to walk tall even though you can barely hold your head up.  I see you.  I see you when you see others post about trusting in God for every single thang – “I prayed for God to show me where my keys were and He did” – and you can barely trust God to give you your next breath.  I see you.  I see you when your life is all topsy-turvy and you roll your eyes hard when your girls say “Girl, God is in control.”  Really, sis?  I see you.  I see you when you lay in bed at night trying to quiet your thoughts and they all seem to be saying, “Ain’t.”  I see you when your verse of the day is Psalm 27:14 and the version you’re reading tells you to be strong.  It tells you to be strong…

I see you.

This is why I’m a KJV girl.  If that’s not your thing, that’s cool.  I read the other translations from time to time, but this morning, I had to go with what I know.  KJV.  All day, errday.  This letter to y’all is really to me.   I’m writing this to Deone.  This little girl trying so hard to be a big girl…trying so hard to trust God for errthang.  Nope: just one thing.

And yes, I’m saying “every” wrong on purpose.  Sometimes life can get so rough that proper English is not even a concern anymore.

I see you.

Psalm 27:14 was my verse of the day.  The version that popped up on my screen was NIV and it says, “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”  That did not work for me: not because I didn’t want to be strong…right now, I don’t have the strength.  Something deep inside of me said “Look at the KJV”.  So I did.

Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.

Hold the phone, Big Girl.  Did you read that?  He shall strengthen thine heart.

Get outta here.

Big Girl, listen to me.  Well, first of all, waiting does not mean…um…sitting at a bus stop waiting for the bus of God to come by.  Waiting on God means moving in faith.  Yeah.  And as you are moving – excuse me, living – in faith, be courageous.  Trust me, I get it.  And here’s the thing.  Being courageous is not always walking into a room and demanding to be heard or flipping over tables and whipping folks.   Sometimes being courageous means just showing up.  Quietly.  Give yourself some credit for getting out of the bed without kicking the cat clear across the room.  Man!  You don’t have to slay dragons or sieze a village.  Just putting one foot in front of the other is a full day of courageousness for some.  Good for you.

Big Girl, you don’t have to be strong all on your own – you’ve just gotta be courageous and sometimes being courageous means asking for help.  Shoot, asking for help is an act of faith!  And guess what, when you are courageous, when you move in faith, God will strengthen you.  He will.  You can bank on that.





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