Daily Devotional

God Is Good.

Good morning, peeps!

Check out this video: it’s Jonathan McReynold’s song “God Is Good”.


I’d never heard this song until last week. I was picking out new songs for my playlist and based on the title alone, I thought it would be a song all about God’s wonderful blessings. Ya know: the happy stuff.

“May your bad days prove that God is good.”

Wait…what?? I thought about that for a sec and was totally rocked. What a powerful mindset to have! No, really, think about it: what if in that moment of mentally cussing everybody out, your mind is overcome with the truth of God’s goodness? To give a visual for what I mean by “overcome”, think of ganache being poured over the top of a cake. (I fell asleep watching baking videos.) How different would life be for you? Oh, we can fumble up a “thank God” days, sometimes weeks after a disappointment, but think about how powerfully unstoppable – good grief – we would be as men and women of God if in that moment, we grab hold of truth and say, “God is good. And here’s proof.”


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