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It’s Trash Day.

This is the fourth installment in our series “Masterpiece”.

Good morning, peeps.

Toni Braxton has a somewhat new song titled “Long As I Live”. What the song is about is of her still holding onto the memories of a relationship she once had with a guy. She sings, “Long as I live, I’ll never get over you. It’s killing me…I’ll never get over you.”

Lies you tell.

Yesterday, I posted on Facebook about the new “Tidying Up” series on Netflix. It is amazing. The host tells people to take each item in their closet and ask “Does this bring me joy?” If it does, keep it. If it doesn’t, toss it. Like, now. The song “Let Praises Rise”, Toni’s song and yesterday’s post were dropped in my spirit this morning as I sat in the dark, trying to go through my mental closet and clear out some stuff. Like, God just dropped all of that on my doorstep, UPS-style.

So, here’s the breakdown. My praise cannot “rise from the inside” because there are things holding it down: the stuff I insist on never getting over. I just skipped past those items in the inspection of my mental closet because I can say “yep, this brings me joy” because the joy comes from my reason for holding on: you never know when that stuff will come in handy. May need to use it later as ammunition against someone…or God. “Remember what you did?” You ever see a person smirk at the end of a fight and say “That’s okay, boo. I’ll remember that.”? That’s what I’ve been doing with some things.

And it’s killing me.

My praise, specifically. Oh, I can sing. All day. Tore it up Sunday, but that’s not what God is getting at. It’s my praise that’s suffering. Dying, actually. Fun fact: the spiritual meaning of “Deone” is praise. Yep. There are some “I remember” things that are killing me…Deone…praise. They gotsta go. Like, now.

Today’s trash day. This junk I’ve been holding onto needs to go to the curb.

Have a good one.


1 thought on “It’s Trash Day.”

  1. I love the meaning of your name! It’s YOU!! And thanks for sharing about your trash getting in the way of your praise because talking to me too! He’s been working with me too!


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