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Why We’re Here.

This is the final installment of our “Masterpiece” series.

Good morning, peeps! I didn’t know yesterday was Thursday. My bad.

I am sure you’ve been wondering “When is Deone going to talk about Peter? Wasn’t his story supposed to be the reason why she wanted to do this series in the first place? When is she going to talk about him?” I have – you just didn’t know it.

I started this series with a plan. We all know how awesome that has worked in the past. I shall remind you…

I had planned on walking us through how ruined Peter must have felt from the time he heard that musty rooster crow three times until when he saw the resurrected Jesus. That would have been easy. We would’ve gotten it. You would’ve read that and said “Yep. I get it.” We would’ve (I am using that word a lot) all admitted to the probability of feeling the same. But that is not what God wanted this blog to be about. No.

This was about how we tend to feel like ruins even after the Master Carpenter deems us a masterpiece. I will wait…now you get it. I know we would love to think that Peter let the memory of what he had done just float away into the sea after Jesus met with him and the other disciples. And let us not forget that He called for Peter specifically. That should’ve done it for Peter, right? He should have been good to go…right?

Replace Peter’s name with yours.

Christopher Williams has a song from way back in the day called “I Talk To Myself”. This is not a CCM song so don’t think this will be on your worship leader’s song list for Sunday. Here are the opening words: I talk to myself ’cause there ain’t no one to talk to – People ask me why I do what I do. Catchy. Each of us has been called for something and we have all messed up during our quest to fulfill that calling. And each time we fall, Jesus picks us up, kisses the boo-boo on our knee, tells us He loves us and instructs us to keep going forward. Do you know what we do? We talk to ourselves. We stretch out our foot to step forward as we look back at the same time. Every time we are given an assignment, we tell ourselves how unworthy we are by pulling up the past. Oh, but we don’t wait until an assignment falls into our laps to do that. Oh no. We do this all day long and it’s super easy because we’ve never taken out the trash.

We actually carry it around with us. And it ain’t a handbag.

This is holding up our progress, peeps. We need to stop holding onto stuff that needs to be tossed. Aaaaaand, we need to find someone else to talk to. Oooh! Guess what? I know someone you can talk to!

He also knows where you can put your trash.


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