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This is a continuation of Part 3 in our series “The Voice: Let Me Clear My Throat”.

Good morning, peeps!

[I am typing this on my phone because my laptop refused to wake up with me at 3:30 this morning. Slacker.  I can tell you now: this blog will not be long. Nope.]

Jesus wept.

That is what verse 35 of John 11 says. Jesus wept. Like, in a “’nuff said” sort of way. Jesus wept. That phrasing is way more effective in getting your attention than if the words were “And Jesus started crying” or “At that moment, the air stood still as a single salty tear ran down Jesus’ left cheek”. Jesus didn’t just cry and He didn’t just shed a tear: Jesus wept. Weeping goes way beyond an ugly cry. Weeping is…man. It’s that hardcore, gut-wrenching, side-pain, body spasm-inducing cry. Have you ever wept? I have. My body hurts for days.

Here is the thought that had me stuck yesterday: does anyone know why Jesus wept? I don’t. No one asked Him. The people at the scene offered up their opinion: Behold how he loved him! (John 11:36). You’ll find several commentaries about this, each with their own opinion on why Jesus wept. I’m not going to pick one and I’m not going to offer up my own opinion about it because I don’t have one. I really don’t. Look, y’all. Some stuff ain’t worth dissecting. Just let it be.

That is what God impressed upon my heart yesterday. If you’ve been a Christian for five minutes, fresh out of the baptismal pool, hair plastered to the side of your face, and dripping water all over the place, you’ve already had people in your face trying to get you to explain every emotion, every action and every facial expression. You do not have to vocalize every thang. You don’t. A lot of times, you can’t. Some things just are. Or is.

I remember getting prayed for by a group of people and at the end, they all stared at my face for a reaction. I was crying. When asked why I was crying, I shook my head – I didn’t have the words. So, as I stood there with a face wet from tears and snot (it was uh-guh-lee), every single one of them told me why I was crying. I remember saying, “No, that’s not it.” Why did I say that?? I knew better. One said, “Let’s pray that God reveals to her what she’s feeling”, and back on went the hands.

Good grief.

It’s okay to be silent. It really is. Don’t talk just to feel the air whistling through your teeth. Or because people want a verbal response. We are pressed every day to speak out against the injustice we see going on around us. We should be against it, but I don’t know about you: sometimes, I’m rendered speechless. Sometimes, all I can do is weep. And that’s okay, but trust: when I do speak…

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. (Proverbs 18:21)


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