Daily Devotional

Dying For Peace.

Good morning, peeps!

Someone I’ve known for a long time passed away recently after suffering a massive heart attack. He wasn’t even 55. Gone. That is sad, but what has made my heart grieve for the last 3 days is something that he shared with me a while ago: he’s never experienced peace.


I’m sure he’s had moments of happiness, but peace? No. His mind was always in turmoil, with a life to match. If someone smiled at him, he would wonder what scheme was behind that smile. If someone loved on him, they had to be after something. He worried constantly about what others thought of him. You get what I’m saying.

What a sucky way to live. I mean, exist. That ain’t living.

Some folks don’t experience peace until their death. “R.I.P.”… I’m so sick of seeing that. What about “L.I.P.”? LIVE IN PEACE? I know that looks corny and stupid, but what about it? I want to L.I.P. I do.

I can.

You can have the peace of God NOW – not just in the “sweet by and by”, but in the nasty here-and-now. Most people don’t believe it cause they look at themselves and think, “I’m not worthy of God’s peace.” Lies.

Whatever is making you believe you aren’t worthy of His peace is a lie. Do you hear me?

It’s a lie. From the pittttttttttt of hell.

I refuse to wait until I die to rest in peace.


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