Daily Devotional

Soapy Life.

Good morning, peeps!

I used to watch soap operas with my Big Ma (grandma) when I was little. This was not an option, folks. That’s a lie. It was either that or stare at the wall. I chose to stare at Big Ma’s tiny black and white T.V….with the aluminum foil-covered antenna. I’d rather watch cartoons, but I knew better than to suggest that she change the channel to Tom & Jerry. You didn’t dare bother her when the “shows” were on: if you were choking, you better figure it out.

I watched As The World Turns, Days Of Our Lives, Edge of Night, All My Chil’rens, General Hospital and so on. Those shows were one of the reasons I couldn’t wait to grow up: adults got away with murder! (sometimes for real) Consequences? What’s that?? One of my favorites was One Life To Live. Crazy thing about that show, it didn’t “go” with the title. It seemed like folks had nine-ty lives on that show! They’d die and then two seasons later (by fan request), you find out they were actually nursed back to health by some random homeless person and were hiding on a deserted island.

Peeps, you really only have one life to live on this Earth. Uno. Just one. No one is going to turn to NBC and see that you have been recast to another show. No. One. That’s it, folks. So live the brakes off it.


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