Daily Devotional

I Was Just Frontin’.

Good morning, peeps!

“This is ‘The Real World’…where people stop being polite, and start being real.”  Who remembers that?  Good grief.  I’m aging myself.

Take me as I am…

One of the biggest signs of change/maturity is owning who we are and realizing that is enough. No fronts, no filters, no clever speech needed – just you and all your imperfections. We don’t want people to see those, though.  Nuh uh.  We want people to see the polite “us”, the I-got-it-all-together “us”.  Some of us go so far out of our way to beautify our lives and our decisions that we start to believe the fluff, too – we accept it as our truth. Think about when Jacob tried to buy his brother’s acceptance (and forgiveness) in Genesis 33. Did you know forgiveness and acceptance go hand-in-hand?  That’s a whole ‘nother blog post, y’all. Acceptance that has to be “bought” ain’t worth having.   

I said “ain’t”.

The biggest step in becoming who God created you to be is accepting who you are now.  No fluff.  No filter.  No fancy-schmancy presentation.  No veils.  It may not be cute, but it will be worth it.

“Take me as I am”?  Okay, Boo Boo.  You first.

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