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Change Is Coming.

Good morning, peeps.
We are learning a new song, Fall by Free Worship. By “we”, I mean the praise team at church. This song “haunts” me in my sleep. When I get up in the middle of the night to pee (TMI), I hear the bridge: something’s changing in the spirit, something’s changing I can feel it. I’m sure this is not because my bladder is changing from full to empty. Nah. Anyhoo, I sing this in my spirit until I fall asleep. I wake up to it. It’s in my head all day.
It’s nice, but kinda weird.
This morning, God spoke “Hezekiah” into my heart. Most sermons around Hez are framed with the words “you can change God’s mind”.  I thought about how in Isaiah 38, Hez was “sick unto death”.  Bruh was on his way out.  I want you all to get that.  He didn’t have the sniffles, walking around with toilet tissue stuck in his nostrils.  No.  He was dying.  During this account, the prophet Isaiah came to Hez and told him that God said for him (Hez) to get his house in order for he was about to die.  Man.  I sure hope Isaiah at least said “hi” to the man before he dropped that bomb.
 Nowhere in this text do you see Hez disputing what Isaiah has said.  He didn’t say “You got the wrong one, son – I’m not about to die.”  Nope.  You don’t read that he says “Get thee behind me, satan!  I rebuke that!”  Nope.  Hez began to pray and if he was the man he describes himself as in his prayer to God, I believe he worshipped the LORD as well.
What I love is what God does next: He adds 15 more years to Hez’s life.  At the end of the chapter, these are his words…”The living, the living, he shall praise thee, as I do this day: the father to the children shall make known thy truth. The Lord was ready to save me: therefore we will sing my songs to the stringed instruments all the days of our life in the house of the Lord.”
Please note that Hez praised God BEFORE he was blessed with more life.  Before anything changed. Don’t miss that.
 Since January 6th, I have been “praising God” through fasting (from meat) and prayer since Jan 6th.  I’m hungry, y’all. I hate steak, but a steak wrapped in steak with a side of steak sounds real good right now.  I went into this fast with a laundry list of things I wanted God to change – things that I wanted.  Somewhere around the beginning, I began asking God to change me. Change my perspective.  That right there is more important to me than getting what I want (outside stuff).
 Yesterday, as I was picking up clothes my son left on the floor – you know I was fussing – “something’s changing in the Spirit” popped in my head and God said “your praise can cause things to change”.  I stopped and was like “What?” This morning I was reminded of that.  Praise is powerful. When you magnify God OVER what you’re dealing with, when you give God praise regardless of your circumstances, this pleases Him.  It shows that you trust Him.  Nothing pleases Him more than to know that we trust Him. Why?  When we trust Him, we’ll follow His lead.  Trust warms God’s heart.
Even as I nixed the thought of cramming a whole container of deli meat into the baked potato I had for dinner last night, I felt God smiling.
Something’s changing…🥰

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