Daily Devotional

Me. Me. Me.

Good morning, peeps!

So, I’m on the phone with a guy from IT and he’s reading to me a new password. It has twelve characters – you know, the usual letter and symbol combination. As I am repeating it back to him, I realize that I don’t quite understand what one character is…

Me: So, wait. What’s the next character? I didn’t get that.

Tech Guy: It’s kinda like a lowercase “I”, except it has two dots instead of one.

Me: Huh? (I know. Super intelligent response.)

Tech Guy: You know, it has two dots. Like when you text a smiley face emoji.


Me: Are you talking about a colon?

Tech Guy: No. On your keyboard, it’s the one over the one with a dot and a comma.

Me: *sigh* So, a colon. That’s the two-dot thing. The one with a dot and a comma is a semi-colon.


Tech Guy: Can I help you with anything else?

Let me tell you. I wanted to scream “No!!! Can I help YOU??!” into the receiver. How in the world…??

As I thought about the conversation this morning, I was reminded of something. Times have changed. A lot of the fundamentals I was taught as a child are either not important enough to teach to our children or our children don’t view them as important. Things like grammar or basic sentence structure rules that I break in every blog post. Yes, I break them, but at least I know what they are.

That last line sounds like an excuse for sin, doesn’t it?

Or just an excuse. That’s the kind of excuse we unconsciously give ourselves when we pour into others, but don’t pour into ourselves. We call that being “selfless”. Oh, look at Deone. She’s always putting others first. There’s nothing wrong with putting people first (don’t stone me), but do know that if you say first, there has to be a second.

For some…okay, me. For some, there is no second.

Never leave yourself out. As a matter of fact, take care of you first. I am learning this the hard way right now. I mean, I knew that rule, I’ve taught it, but I broke it constantly. Listen when I say this. Your body will MAKE you put yourself first.


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