Daily Devotional, Spiritual Walk

‘Nuff Said

Good morning, peeps!

As the deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God. – Psalm 42:1 (ESV)

Have you ever read/heard something and thought “that just spoke to me” or “’nuff said..there it is”?  The song “Just Want You” by Travis Greene did that for me yesterday. I was driving in my car when it played on Spotify.  I probably shouldn’t have been operating a motor vehicle. It seemed as though my soul was singing the song. Like, for real.  I “heard” the words of the song being sung loudly in my ears and I never touched the volume. I never opened my mouth. I felt the Holy Spirit fill my car as the words “so take everything ~ I don’t want it ~ I don’t need it, God ~ I just want you ~ I just want you” grabbed me tightly.  I still never said a word. I didn’t need to. My soul was speaking loud enough for the both of us. And it was L.O.U.D. And then my heart chimed in.  It was if my heart peeped what my soul was crying out and said, “’Nuff said. There it is.”

Sometimes I load so much into my life that I smother my soul – it can hardly breathe.  It’s hungry and it’s thirsty – it’s panting.  I’ve been trying to quiet the grumbling with things, but my soul is not havin’ it. Yesterday, it spoke up loudly: “Look.  You are not going to keep ignoring me.  You are going to listen to me today, D”.  It doesn’t want all of the external stuff – accolades, gidgets and gadgets, projects.  My soul just wants its Father. It thirsts for Him. And it doesn’t care what I have to get rid of in order to make room for Him.  The picture that came to mind was one of me ransacking my bedroom, throwing everything out.

I continued to drive down the street, stuck, not saying a word. I didn’t need to. My soul had said it all.  ‘Nuff said.  Have a good one.


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