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Hi, Atus.

Good morning, peeps!

One of the annoying things about being someone who teaches is that sometimes you are required to follow your own instructions.

Of all the blogs I’ve written, the “go sit: the art of being” devotional series has really been one that has gotten to me.  I believe God is talking to me more than you all.  I am fond of saying that when I minister, the Word is hitting me first before it comes out of my mouth.  And that hasn’t changed.  God is calling me to sit down and be.  Actually, He’s been yelling it.  I do not know how to do this, as I have said over and over.  Just be??  Let me take that back.  I do know how, but it usually comes with a side of guilt.  Any time I want to step away, I feel bad because I know some of you look forward to reading this blog each weekday.  I look forward to writing them.  I don’t want to let y’all down, but to continue to do this without taking the time to just be is me letting myself down.  It is time to go sit, like I told you Jesus often did.  So I am, and I don’t feel a bit guilty.

Starting today, IJAC is on hiatus and during this time, I hope you read through the other installments of this blog or maybe even go sit yourself.  Until we meet again, refreshed and ready…


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