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A Magnificent Pile Of Ruins.

Good morning, peeps!

I am a magnificent pile of ruins.

That sentence came to me yesterday as I thought about a conversation I had with a friend recently. I told them that it was on my heart to start doing bible studies in my home. God’s been blowing up my phone trying to talk to me about that for a minute. I kept hitting “decline”. Don’t judge me. We began discussing how I taught bible study at a church I used to go to and when I told them that I never used any published material but only what God impressed upon my heart, they asked “Well, how do you do that? How does He speak to you like that? I can barely hear Him. I can’t be quiet enough.”

I am a magnificent pile of ruins.

Our first bible study series of 2019 is called “Masterpiece”. I struggled with the title for this one a bit. I was thinking of “3 Strikes”, “The Comeback Kid”…and “Oops, I Did It Again.” Inspired by Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples, we’ll take a hard look at what seemed to be a life ruined. I don’t know how much more “you blew it” a person’s life can get: dude denied Jesus. Jesus. Talk about a life ruined. Or maybe not. (We all know his life wasn’t ruined, but just go with me on this one. Act like you don’t know the comeback part.)

We’ll dig in deep on this one. I know I say this for every study I do, but this one is going to challenge us a bit. I will interweave a bunch of stuff into this, probably pile a couple of items on top of each other at the same time, and we’re going to discover some things about the way we view ourselves, our purpose, and our Creator. Here’s just a snippet:
I love home improvement shows, especially the ones that involve fixer-uppers. I’m not talking about homes that just need a new coat of paint on a wall or maybe a new kitchen. No. I mean the ones that would look great with a wrecking ball in the living room. The ones you look at and say, “What’s the point? This is beyond repair. Let’s just clear everything out and start over.” Jeremiah 30:18 states, “…and a city shall be rebuilt upon her ruins.”
I am a magnificent pile of ruins.

Let’s dig in.


2 thoughts on “A Magnificent Pile Of Ruins.”

  1. Love the title. It caught my eye. I’m interested to see where you’re going with it.
    And I’ve missed reading your Bible Studies online!!
    Yay! You’re back!


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